What Are Features Of Duct Ceiling

What Are Features Of Duct Ceiling

In case of homes with mandatory air cooling and heating systems, you make use of ducts to distribute air that is conditioned, all through the house. But in a usual home, around 20 to 30 percent of air moving via the duct system is lost through holes, leaks and ducts which are poorly connected.

Poor ducts imply higher utility bills. It is also tough to keep the home comfortable, in spite of the setting of the thermostat. The following are the ways to judge whether your home suffers from poor duct system:

  • You face high utility bills both in summer and winter
  • Some of your rooms are tough to cool and heat
  • Some rooms are stuffy and uncomfortable
  • Your ducts are placed in the garage, some crawlspace or the attic.
  • You encounter flexible kinked or tangled ducts in your system

Common Problems

It is time to call in professional Duct Ceiling Service when you face the following problems:

  • Disconnected, torn or leaky ducts
  • Grills and registers which are poorly sealed
  • Filter slots and furnace which have leaks
  • Airflow restricted by kinks in ductwork, which are flexible

Right Solutions For The Problems

  • Proper sealing of ducts
  • Tight sealing of grills and registers to ducts
  • Sealing of filter slot and furnace
  • Ensuring good insulation of ducts in unfinished areas.
  • Improved air-flow with flexible, straightened ducts

Benefits Of Duct Sealing:

A properly designed duct system which is sealed properly can make your home safer, energy efficient and more comfortable.

Simple Steps For Enhancing Duct Performance

Since ducts are mostly concealed in basements, attics, ceilings and walls, it is tough to repair them. But there are some ways to enhance the duct performance in your home.

Some home owners take up duct sealing as a DIY project. But most of them do the better option of calling the professionals like Duct Ceiling Contractors.

Using Services Of A Contractor

Many home owners hire the professionals for duct sealing. Most cooling and heating equipment contractors also do the job of repairing duct work.

Search for a contractor who will:

  • Do inspection of the complete duct system that includes basement, garage, crawl space and attic.
  • Evaluate return and supply of air balance of the system. Many of the systems feature air return ducts which are very much small.
  • Repair disconnected and damaged ducts and also straighten flexible ducts which are crushed or tangled.
  • Seal every connection and leak with sealant based on aerosol or even, metal tape.
  • Seal every grill and register, tightly with the ducts
  • Include a fresh filter as part of any improvement in duct system.
  • Insulate the ducts in areas with unconditioned, duct insulation which features an R value of 6 or higher.
  • Incorporate a new filter as part of any improvement in duct system.
  • Evaluate flow of air after completion of repairs.
  • Make sure there is no back drafting of oil burning or gas appliances.
  • Conduct a combustion safety test after sealing of ducts.

These are all some aspects about the process of duct sealing.

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