The Practice of Insulation In India

The Practice of Insulation In India

India has a host of places with cold weather and for life to function without hindrance heated spaces are of primary concern. In regions such as the northernmost parts of India such as Jammu and Kashmir, where weather plays havoc in everyday life, a warm shelter is crucial. Most houses in Northern India were designed without insulation, and the best solution is to apply spray foam. Since most walls do not have ample space inside and it is not very hollow, adding composite materials are harder. Spray foaming is a process in which foam is applied inside the cavities of the walls via small holes drilled in the walls.

 Spray foam is a chemical compound created by the mixing of two other chemical compounds isocyanate and a polyol resin. Most spray foam insulation companies, however, have their own version of the compound. When the two mixtures interact with each other, it expands to nearly 20-30 times its liquid volume after it is sprayed in place. This expansion is what makes spray foam useful, it packs the space it is being sprayed into, and its good thermal insinuating value keeps the rooms warm. The discovery of spray foam (polyurethane) is credited to German scientist Otto Bayer in 1937. He succeeded when he formulated his idea that mixing small amounts of chemical substances can create dry foam materials. Polyurethane had been used for various purposes, but it was not until 1979 that spray foam was used for building insulation.

The main reason why spray foam insulation is considered over other forms is that it blocks all three kinds of heat transfer:

•    Conduction: Due to losing molecular bonds the spray foam cells are generally very bad conductors of heat.

•    Convection: Transfer of heat via a flow of another medium such as fluids is called convection, spray foams have a unique ability to seal off air, which creates an airtight envelope in the building hence blocking heat transfer during winter as well as summer months.

•    Radiation: Transfer of heat via IR waves is called radiation, and materials like spray foam are opaque, hence blocking any heat or IR rays.

Spray foam has since then replaced traditional materials like fiberglass and cellulose. There are two types of spray foam, medium density closed cell spray foam (ccSPF), and light density closed cell spray foam (ocSPF). The main difference between the both is that ccSPF is a rigid solid and does not act as an air barrier, unlike ocSPF which is semi-solid and can only be used for indoor applications. ccSPF also happens to have higher thermal resistance.

Even hot places in India have now adopted the use of spray foaming. It is usually applied in roofs and along the walls of the buildings where it faces a lot of sunlight. The foam acts as a barrier for any cracks and leakages that may arise due to constant heat expansion and contraction.

Spray foam insulation contractors are now in significant demand as more and more people look to make sure their living spaces are comfortable and warm.

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The Practice of Insulation In India


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