How To Improve Insulation Through Duct Sealing

How To Improve Insulation Through Duct Sealing

Very few must be aware that testing the ductwork in your home is now mandatory as per govt. regulations. This is particularly true if you are replacing or repairing particular parts of your cooling or heating (HVAC) systems.

You must get your HVAC contractor to test the ducts in your home and furnish the report to you as well as the building official who provided your permit. After perusing the report, you can decide whether or not to get your ducts sealed by the contractor. It is good to use  professional duct sealing services.

But, note that some homes are exempt from this procedure. If your home has anyone of the following features, it will not need testing of its ducts:

  • The complete ductwork is fitted inside your home or less than 40 linear feet is outside the space that is conditioned.
  • There has been previous  testing and sealing of ducts
  • The ducts are filled with asbestos.

Sealing the ducts inside your home is a simple decision which can help you garner many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

Energy Savings

By sealing ducts, you can save on your monthly cooling and heating bills which brings more money to your pocket. Around 30 to 40% of costs of cooling and heating may be contributed by leaks in duct systems. The sealing of ducts can enhance efficiency of cooling or heating system to a higher degree compared to upgrading a furnace of high efficiency  and involves less investment.

Also, if you are planning to install a new cooling and heating system, maintaining efficient ducts will enable you to down size to a less costly, smaller system.

Enhanced Comfort

When you sense that some rooms in your home stay very cool while another stays too hot, or if you have to deal with uncomfortable drafts of air –it may be due to leaks in your duct system.  The fact is, temperature can be kept even by sealing ducts.

Clean Air

By sealing ducts, you can also enhance air-quality of the insides of the home and protect the  health of your family. Leaky ducts can result in the air of your home to carry pollutants like pesticides, exhaust of vehicles, mildew, mold, insulation fibers and more. Leaks in ducts can also attract combustion gases from wood stoves, fireplaces, oil and gas furnaces as well as water heaters.

Environment Friendly

When you do sealing of ducts in your home, it lowers the energy usage inside your home. The lesser the energy used, the lesser  the  pollution created. If all of us contribute to conservation of  energy, we can create a healthier and cleaner environment.

Why To Seal Ducts?

There will be wide differences  in cost of sealing ducts based  on the market and the current rate of labor where you live. The kind of current duct system installed in your home will influence price of duct sealing offered by duct sealing companies.

 Estimating the payback is influenced by several variables like where your ductwork is located, the climate of your location, how often the heating or cooling system is functioning and cost of energy of your local utility.

As per general research, duct sealing has a quick payback and is among the best measures of energy saving you can do. As per studies, cost of sealing or/and insulating ductwork can often be recovered in three years, only from energy saving.

These are some benefits of duct sealing for insulating your home.

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